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Submit Your Best "Mom's Wisdom" Story!
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Share your story with us!

Everyone has known a mother, grandmother, aunt or female figure who has gifted them with inspirational, motivational, and even strategic wisdom that has helped them in their lives and in their careers.

Now is the time to share that wisdom with the world and the next edition of Michelle Yozzo Drake's popular book
From the Kitchen to the Corner Office:
Mom's Wisdom on Leadership

is just the vehicle to do it!

What lessons have you learned from the women in your life, and how have you applied that knowledge in the workplace?

What has motherhood taught you that helps you in your job?


Maybe your mother taught you to stand up to a bully at school, and now you remember that when you're faced with a confrontational co-worker in a board meeting. Maybe your aunt's nagging at you to stand up straight translates into your confident posture when you present to your shareholders. Maybe your grandmother's unbelievable ability to work all day and still have a hot meal on the table for her family has empowered you with the same sense of life-work balance.

Or maybe YOU'RE the mother who's sharing her wisdom with her children!

Michelle and the readers of her next book want to know!

Check out just a sample of the amazing stories we've received so far!

Fill out the form below to submit your best "Mom's wisdom" story, and you just may find yourself quoted in the next edition of  From the Kitchen to the Corner Office!


We want to hear your story! Fill out the form below and become a part of this cycle of inspiration!

*All stories are subject to review and editing from our editorial staff.

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