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Watch Communication Strategist Michelle Yozzo Drake engage a variety of audiences on a few of her most popular presentation topics! As a guest expert on several television shows and an internationally known professional speaker, Michelle shares her best tips, tools and tactics on: Leadership, Customer Service, Team Dynamics and Sales Performance

  • Meet Michelle Yozzo Drake 
    Let Michelle Yozzo Drake introduce herself in this short montage of Michelle in action! As a Communication Strategist, Michelle offers insightful, entertaining and information programs on Leadership, Sales Performance, Team Dynamics and Customer Service
  • Selling to the Sexes
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    What does the word "no" mean to you? If you're a woman, it means something completely different to you than if you're a man and vice versa. Michelle Yozzo Drake uncovers the secret to understanding "no" for each gender and how that translate into increased sales performance.
  • Grooming a Leader 
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    A tale of baking bread highlights the #1 Element of Great Leadership as Michelle Yozzo Drake explains the powerful connection leaders have with those they lead and mentor.
  • Communication Workshop
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    In this clip, Michelle Yozzo Drake engages her audience with an exercise on the 4 Main Communication Styles. She offers valuable tips on how to deal with each and create a more effective work environment.
  • Communication & Overcoming Fear
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    "Jump off the building and rappel down the side - that's your final exam." Michelle Yozzo Drake heard those fateful words from her ROTC college instructor. Despite her fear of heights, she did indeed jump off the building - thanks to the masterful communication style of her instructor and her own ability to overcome fear.
  • Inspiration
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Watch segments of Michelle Yozzo Drake's most inspirational and motivational presentation on the power of perception and finding fulfillment in our lives.
  • Business Fashion Style Dos and Don'ts
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Are you a fashion criminal, inflicting the public with your horrible sense of style? It's not too late to put your felonious past behind you! Michelle Yozzo Drake illustrates how a few simple transformations to your style can help you connect with the people around you and project the right kind of professional image.
  • Smart Women, Smart Style
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    You're an intelligent, independent, strong woman...but is your style projecting that? Michelle Yozzo Drake explains that image is a vital part of the "Big Communication Picture" - and it can even help you advance your career.
  • Secrets of Body Language
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Do you know what your body is saying - it might be something completely different than what's coming out of your mouth! Michelle Yozzo Drake demonstrates the impact body language can have on the messages you're trying to communicate.
  • Overcoming Adversity
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Could YOU jump off a building and rappel down the side? Michelle Yozzo Drake has! She shares that inspirational story and how she uses the power she felt after this trial to overcome any obstacle life throws her way.
  • Powerful Communication Strategies
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    What if one conversation could change your life? Are you ready to have that conversation? Michelle Yozzo Drake discusses how to communicate effectively in every day life to speak your mind and convey your message clearly.
  • Origin of Leaders
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Is there a leader inside all of us? Michelle Yozzo Drake weighs in on this "nature vs. nurture" debate and explains her perspective on the origins of leadership.
  • Self-Esteem and Style
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    How do you see yourself? Michelle Yozzo Drake discusses the importance of making style choices that are appropriate for the environment that you're in and still make you feel good about the image in the mirror.
  • Presentation Confidence
    Michelle Yozzo Drake
    Michelle Yozzo Drake offers her #1 tip to evoke instant confidence during a presentation - no matter how nervous you might feel.

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�When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.� � Harriet Beecher Stowe