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Presentations & Strategic Communication

Presentations & Strategic Communication
Michelle's Client List
Client Testimonials

"Right on the money!  Not only did I witness a transformation in myself, I saw it in everyone in the group."
Ken Avellanet, Director Siemens Corporation

Improve Your Bottom Line Through Strategic Communication

What is Strategic Communication?

Understanding the impact of how and what you communicate

Knowing the environment in which you are communicating

Realizing how your message is coming across to your audience

Strategic communication is the cornerstone to
the success of every business!

As a specialist in the field of strategic communication, Michelle Yozzo Drake expertly guides her audiences through the elements of effective and powerful communication by explaining how to:

Understand your message
Identify the audience who needs to hear your message
Convey your message through the best methods of delivery

Michelle applies this invaluable knowledge to the key areas of business growth:

  Sales Performance - learn how to analyze your customers and understand their needs. Pinpoint the location of your customer base and the techniques that will deliver your sales message to them, close sales, and build long-lasting selling relationships.

  Leadership Development - discover how strategic communication plays a crucial role in becoming a leader by examining how you communicate within your team and how you are perceived by people up- and down-line.

  Team Dynamics - create strong interpersonal connections between team members to elevate "work groups" into cohesive teams. Determine the "communication profile" of team members and the specific tools and tactics to connect with each type for ultimate project success.

  Customer Service - analyze how your employees are communicating with both satisfied and unsatisfied customers and learn proven strategies for creating a company image that guarantees customers for life. 


�Don�t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.� � Ralph Waldo Emerson