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Is It Time to Turn My Dream Business into a Reality?

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Is It Time to Turn My Dream Business into a Reality?

By Michelle Yozzo Drake

Who doesn't love a good fantasy now and then...especially when you're in the middle of the World's Most Boring Meeting.

What do YOU dream about? Winning the lottery? Taking a loooong vacation to some tropical locale? Becoming famous? George Clooney?

For many of us, our daydreams are often work-related - it makes sense since most of our day is consumed by work, and unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to be working at their dream job.

So we imagine how fantastic it would be to tell our current boss to...ahem...find someone new to fill our position so we can go out into the world and create a business of our own. We dream of taking our passion and turning it into a profitable venture - that's the best of both worlds after all: getting to do what we love every day and GETTING PAID TO DO IT!

But when that boring meeting finally ends, for many people, that's when the daydream ends, too. They tell themselves that it's nothing but a silly dream and they should just keep plugging away at their current job. And then at the next boring meeting or sitting stuck in traffic or before they fall asleep at night, their daydream of starting their own business keeps floating back into their mind.

How do you know if you should quit your job and pursue that dream career or if you should just stay put?

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First of all, stop thinking of your dream as silly! Release yourself from the fear of failure and realize how talented you really are. You CAN start a successful business if you have the passion and the talent...and you know where to look for excellent resources and help.

I've started several successful businesses of my own, and with every experience came a new breadth of wisdom. Because my passions are speaking (ask anyone!) and helping people, I put my best tips for entrepreneurial success into a series of audio CDs, each on a different vital topic to starting, operating and growing your own small business. They're called The Entrepreneur's Kits, and you can check them out here at my website. These are the MUST-HAVES if you're starting your business because they deal with all of the crucial areas to success - start-up, finance, marketing and even creating the right office space - from a real-world perspective.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to someone who is toying with the idea of taking their passion and transforming it into a lucrative business is to get a part-time job or an internship with an organization that already does what you want to do. If you want to open a bakery, work for one first. If you want to start a plumbing company, become an apprentice plumber. Get in on the ground floor of a similar business and learn all the ins and outs from first-hand experience.

The biggest mistake most entrepreneur's make is relying on their own talent for success. You may be the best darn cookie baker in the world, but if you don't have the basic business skills to market those cookies, to order those cookie supplies, to hire employees to help you bake and distribute those cookies, or to get PAID for those cookies, then your business will crumble faster than an Oreo in milk. You've got to be strategic about this every step of the way and ask yourself:

What are the risks involved, and are you ready to take those risks?

What kind of sacrifices are going to have to be made, and are you and your family willing to make them?

Have you honed your craft so that you can enter the marketplace with a product or service that is unparalleled in quality?

Do you know where your customers are...do they even exist?

Who is your competition and how successful have they been?

Do you have the business basics to get this business off the ground?

Do you have a strategic plan in place for the next five years of your business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet???

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Imagine having everything you need to start and grow your own successful business right at your fingertips!

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Starting a business isn't for the faint of heart. Being a master at your craft combined with either business know-how OR knowing where to go for help in obtaining business know-how (like here) is a recipe for entrepreneurial success.

For more FREE tips on advancing your career and navigating the workplace, sign up for my FREE e-zine "Lipstick Leadership" at LipstickLeadership.com today! And check out the products I've developed to guide you toward the success you deserve!

�I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestioned ability of a man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.� � Henry David Thoreau