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How to Pitch a Story to Get on TV or Radio

By Michelle Yozzo Drake

Last week I was a member of the media panel at the National Publicity Summit in NYC because of my radio show "Take a Break with Your Career Coach Michelle Yozzo Drake."  Each member on the panel (from radio, TV and print) told audience members what they were looking for when searching for people to interview, and they gave the audience amazing tips on how to approach the media.

The audience was well coached, by Steve Harrison's team of experts, prior to the summit. Still, one thing really stood out as the 59 people who signed up to speak with me began their pitches...those that researched my show made it easier for me to invite them to be on my show.

I really enjoyed the presentations from some of the folks, but they did not have anything to do with my show topics. It takes time to research programming but if you are looking for exposure and want the media to help...you need to watch, listen or read where you are going to pitch.

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When submitting a pitch electronically, it is very easy for me to hit the delete button, and quite honestly, my assistant screens many pitches that never make it to my desk.

If we are cranking out a radio or tv show or a newspaper or magazine every day, week or month, we're super busy...but we still need you and your stories.

So do your research and if you need help on how to pitch creatively or confidently, Steve Harrison is a great resource for coaching or mentoring in his Quantum Leap program.

If you have a message to share that will help the media's listeners, viewers or readers, then it's just a matter of getting brave enough and prepared enough to pitch your idea!

What are you waiting for?

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�Don�t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.� � Ralph Waldo Emerson