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How to Advance Your Career - Choosing High Exposure Projects

By Michelle Yozzo Drake

If you are trying to get ahead in your office and had the opportunity be a part of a new initiative that had the potential for lots of exposure would you take it?

If you had two options for projects, under very different style leaders, which one would be the best pick for your career advancement? Who would you rather follow...

the mousey but sweet girl in the corner?


the b#@*h in the corner office?

Remember that this is about advancing you career.

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Let's get back to your project selection options. To choose you first have to define what each project option is like. What qualities does each leader have? And yes, they each have strengths and weaknesses. What skills do you bring to best handle the leadership style and project environment that each option will present? Find your best fit! Let's take a look at your project leaders...

Who is the mousey but sweet girl?

She is:

- kind to others (sometimes at the expense of herself)
- soft spoken and does not offend (but is often goes unnoticed)
- loyal and devoted and dependable
- tolerant and patient

She does not like to be the center of attention.
She follows direction well (but does not come up with creative, strategic solutions).

Who is the b#@*h in the corner office?

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She is:

- hardworking and demanding and sometimes ruthless
- capable of running a complex project effectively
- not afraid to tell you her opinion
- able to"sell" this project all the way up the organization

She has the ear of upper management.

Remembering that the goal is to get exposure through your involvement with this project...positioning you for career advancement.

Which co-worker would you select to follow all the way to your promotion?

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"Spirit has fifty times the strength and staying-power of brawn and muscle.� � Mark Twain