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Blogging Event Celebrates Motherhood, Business Sense

PRWeb - New York, NY - July 30, 2008

A new blogging event, Lipstick Leadership Week, launched on July 28 to celebrate the link between motherhood and business. Michelle Yozzo Drake is hosting the event at her blog with participating mothers and businesspeople. The idea behind Lipstick Leadership Week is that a mother's advice can actually be used as solid foundation for pursuing a career in the business world. Bloggers from across the country were asked to submit stories about how their mothers' lessons taught them to succeed in the office, or how their own motherhood experiences have changed the way they approach business.

For Michelle Yozzo Drake, a mom's guidance is just a business lesson in disguise. "To see the future of leadership, we need only to look into the past," says Drake. "When I look back into my own history, I see the incredible leadership skills of the maternal figures in my life - my mother, my grandmothers, aunts and great-aunts. I have come to realize the impact each has made in my success as a professional speaker, success strategist and entrepreneur."

In addition to lauding the wisdom of mothers, Lipstick Leadership Week is an opportunity for bloggers with varied interests such as parenting, management, entrepreneurship, and homemaking to network and connect over the common theme. Participants were asked to consider: What lessons did your mother teach you that turned you into a leader? Did a Sunday afternoon of baking turn into an opportunity for responsibility? Did a Thanksgiving meal become a metaphor for organizational structure? Have you formed your kids into a battalion of assembly line workers to make sandwiches? Those are the sorts of stories that will be shared during Lipstick Leadership Week.

Bloggers slated to add their voices include: psychiatrist and talk show host Carole Lieberman, bestselling author Barbara Taylor Bradford, former VP of Radio at CBS Nancy Widmann, and marketing guru Seth Godin.

Drake's new book, From the Kitchen to the Corner Office: Mom's Wisdom on Leadership, chronicles the lessons she learned from her own amazing mother. She'll be sharing those stories during Lipstick Leadership Week at www.michelleydrake.com/blog


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