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Michelle Yozzo Drake: Interview Pro on Job-Hunt.org

Michelle Yozzo Drake has been appointed an expert "Interview Pro" on Job-Hunt.org, a highly respected and top-rated employment gateway site that provides the most comprehensive listing of useful Internet-accesible job-search resources and services on the Web.

Job-Hunt.org is the "best of the Web for job hunting since 2002" according to Forbes Magazine and has been cited as "the top site for finding work" by the U.S. News & World Report and the "best of the Internet for careers" in PC Magazine's 2004 book. So doesn't it make sense that it would approach Michelle Yozzo Drake - an executive coach and business consultant with 20+ years of experience as a catalyst in advancing careers to the next level - to be their Interview Pro?

Job seekers of the world rejoice! Now you'll not only be able to find the job of your dreams with the help of job-hunt.org, you'll also be able to land it with the help of Michelle's top-notch interviewing advice! New articles on interviewing dos and don'ts and tips for successful interviews will be posted frequently, so be sure to make job-hunt.org a daily stop on your Internet itinerary.

Coming soon...audio podcasts from Michelle Yozzo Drake! Hear the insights that'll help you ace your interview straight from the Interview Pro herself! Keep a lookout on job-hunt.org!


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