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Communication Workshop

Featuring Michelle Yozzo Drake

In this clip, Michelle Yozzo Drake engages her audience with an exercise on the 4 Main Communication Styles.
She offers valuable tips on how to deal with each and create a more effective work environment.

The 4 Main Communication Styles

Ask most THINKERS what their biggest challenge at work is, and many of them will reply, "Incompetence," right on cue! Why? Because THINKERS are the "task masters." They are the rule followers, highly competent and detail-oriented. Along with their incredible skill at keeping things organized, there is also a high expectation that everyone will fall in line and follow right along. THINKERS are the kings and queens of the lists! However, THINKERS need to challenge themselves to keep in mind the perspectives of the other communication styles and be less critical of other groups. THINKERS need to learn how to say "maybe" sometimes, just as RELATORS need to learn how to say "no."

RELATORS focus on feelings and emotions. They crave stability and consistency and are generally family-oriented and great listeners. They often volunteer to help with projects, and they aim to avoid conflict, sometimes at the sacrifice of their own opinions. They often do the "grunt" work that no one else wants to and can be taken advantage of.

The biggest challenge of PROMOTERS is their propensity toward talking too much. They're a social, high-energy, chatty group and they love to be in the spotlight. They tend to be judge harshly by the other communication styles because PROMOTERS are often perceived as not doing their share of the work because they're too busy gabbing away. But the reality is, because they're talking, they're gathering valuable information to bring to the group. They're networking; they're creating relationships with partners and clients.

DRIVERS face the challenge of being perceived as bossy because they love to run the show and direct people on projects. They are the visionarys, great at seeing the Big Picture. They thrive on authority and control. To work well with the other communication styles, DRIVERS need to learn that not everyone needs to be directed or to have a fire lit beneath them. DRIVERS also need to come to terms with the fact that not every one of their "brilliant" ideas is actually brilliant and should be put into action.

The bottom line is: no work gets done unless you have all of the communication styles working together, communicating effectively with each other, appreciating the skill sets that each style brings with for ultimate project success.

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�Don�t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.� � Ralph Waldo Emerson