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Selling to the Sexes

Featuring Michelle Yozzo Drake

What does the word "no" mean to you? If you're a woman, it means something completely different to you than if you're a man and vice versa. Michelle Yozzo Drake uncovers the secret to understanding "no" for each gender and how that translate into increased sales performance.

Does "No" always mean "No"?

Through my Makeup & Muscle program, my partner James Lloyd and I discovered a very juicy, powerful bit of information: the male and female perspective on the word "no" is VERY different.

When a woman says no, she means no. Simple as that. When a woman says no, it means:

- She has considered every. Single. Possible. Alternative.
- She has weighed all of her options.
- She has done her research.

And there is no way that her mind is going to be changed because she doesn't take the word "no" lightly. For most women, it's difficult to tell someone no; women don't get to "no" quickly or casually.

But men on the other hand...

How many times have you heard a woman say to a child or to a man, "What part of 'no' do you not understand?"

Now think, have you ever heard a man say that?

The word "no" to men means..."maybe." It means, "I'm not sure...I'll consider it...Tell me more." Men say no when they mean "maybe" and the unspoken message is: "Convince me to change my answer to 'yes.' Make a compelling case for me, and I'll give it some more thought."

Imagine what knowing this bit of information can do for you in the business world!

The next time you bring an idea to your boss and your boss says no, are you just going to walk away and move onto the next project? That depends: if you're boss is a woman, yes; if your boss is a man, maybe not. Maybe you'll go back to your office, re-think the idea and re-vamp it based on his perspective...and then bring it to him again. And maybe this time, you'll hear "yes!"

Understanding the male and female perspectives on the word "no" is POWERFUL and will prime you for even more effective communication within your organization and even in your life to get you to "YES!"

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�Courage is being scared to death � but saddling up anyway.� � John Wayne