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The amazing thing about abstract painting - and all forms of artistic expression - is that you get to communicate who you are and how you feel.

As a professional speaker I express myself with words for a living.  My art picks up where my words leave off. 

The style of painting that I use is very tactile.  I work in acrylic paints but use my hands, touching...moving...feeling the materials.  I scuplt on canvas.  I do not use brushes...but connect with my materials with my hands.  This way the expression captures the emotion that surges through me as I dig deeper into my soul and pour it out onto and into the canvas. 

Painting has always been a way to express myself. Through some difficult times in my life it became a cathartic release for emotional and physical pain. This ability to express myself visually has translated into a higher quality of creative expression in my speeches and my writing.

The painting below is a large work titled "Crossing Over".  I painted it while working through the loss of my Aunt Marie...a time of large emotions and transition. 

      Click on this Painting to view more of my Art!

If you have any comments or questions about my artwork or would like to speak to me further about commissioning or purchasing a painting or scheduling a Creative Communication Workshop for your group, please feel free to e-mail me at michelle@michelleydrake.com or call me at 860.460.3159




�Strong reasons make strong actions.� � William Shakespeare